Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter! 2019 MFC Record Breaker!>>>>>>>>>Jeff McNeil=100!

The first of what looks to be a nice number of record breaker cards for the 2019 season.

With an infield single yesterday Jeff McNeil became the fastest player in New York Mets franchise history to reach 100 career hits.

He already has 26 hits in 2019 and owns a .388 average, which is good for fifth in the Majors. He also has 10 RBI, five doubles and one triple on the year as well. In just 63 games last season, McNeil tallied 74 hits over 225 at-bats for a .329 average. Very impressive stuff!

Jeff gets the first 2019 MFC RECORD BREAKER!

Have a safe and HAPPY EASTER everybody!!!

Up next: Pete Alonso and his awesome record breaking start.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year everybody!!!!!!

_Have a happy and safe one, and if your not driving, drink your ass off!_

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>mfc Celebrates Christmas!!

From 2014 with some updates:

Merry Christmas everybody. Happy Chanukah too. And happy holidays to those who have a problem with good 'ol seasons greetings.

 Wasn't planning on a Christmas post but I just learned Mets Fantazy Cards Like They Ought To Be hit 100,000 (now app. 500,000) views last week. That is absolutely amazin' and deserves a celebration in it's own right.

So for the holidays lets get a peek at some future cards. Or past cards. To you, new cards. :) 

This post goes out to Pat Scalzo @Christmas, who twisted my arm and said," make more cards you slowpoke!" My New Years resolution is to post more frequently Pat.
(I've really tailed off recently, sorry)
1983 Topps was one of my favorite designs. Pretty much a more modern rehash of the 1963 design.
But George Foster was not one of my favorite Mets. Actually, I hated him (as a player) and his acquisition. But still, he was a Met so he gets a card. I'm like Oprah with the cards. Everybody gets a card! You get a card, and you get a card, and...

I liked Kevin Elster. I liked him even better after he left the Mets and had a great season with Texas, launching 24 long balls and driving in 99 (his only full season apart from the New York). I didn't like that he wasn't a Mets player anymore, but I wished him well on departure and he didn't suck.

 An mfc card in memory of Ray Sadecki. This card won't make the '77 pages. It's an alt that did not make the cut. I have made many alt cards for many players that did not make the cut for some reason (pictured in the wrong year is common), and they have not, and for the most part, will not be seen. I don't want to thin down the mfc collection (1 reg card per player for each year with some special exceptions) or use up all the pics and over saturate the project. I did make the horizontal 77 border for Sadecki's card, and that won't go to waste. The picture used on this will be applied to his '75 mfc card.

Since deGrom won ROY (AND NOW A CY YOUNG!!!) I will display an alt card in celebration. At least I think I only posted one of these here.. 

 deGROMs 2019 mfc card v.1


Someday I'll finish Tom Seaver's tribute page (I suppose I better start it first) and this next card will be used. I added the RC symbol, then removed it, because the MLB 100th yr anniversary logo had not been created yet in 1967.

When Topps first added the RC symbol they said that it would be restricted for use on only one version of a players card, denoting his one and only actual Topps rookie card. But recently they seem to throw that symbol on anything close to first year cards, and on more than one card of the same player. Shame on them for that.

So what if they did add a RC rookie symbol on the '67 Topps card, what might it have looked like? I figure something like the one pictured in the card.

What should this be called? 
Tom Seaver '67 mfc Update Set card?

'67mfc Seaver/Westrum SP card
Tom gets the ball in 1967 from Mets manager Wes Westrum. Behind Tom you get a glimpse of the 1967 off-white OF wall. The wall was this color the day Tom pitched his first MLB game. Could this picture have been taken on that day? A week or two later the wall was changed to the dark green that it wore throughout the late 60's and early 70's.


Monday, December 3, 2018

Friday, November 30, 2018

>>>>>>>>The Wilmer Flores Collection

A true orange and blue Metropolitan who will be greatly missed.

Some of these have never been shared. Cards with the same photo were usually whittled down to one choice and then posted.

There was a reason some of these didn't make the cut, or were changed.
Like the WILMA! version of the TRADED card. 
At first I thought: that's funny.
And then I thought: too much yellow. 
Yes, my mind works in mysterious ways, even to me.

Flores grabbing his jersey signifying "I'm still a Met!" 
should have been included on his 2015 .GIFcard™ depicting his walk off. 
It wasn't, and hopefully this balanced that out. 
Some error cards have been included in this collection.

Photo by Sharon Chapman


A bonus MFC blog header

To be continued.......