Sunday, April 8, 2018


Sweet Lou knows how to yell.
And kick!

When I think about managers yelling I picture scenes like the ones above when they, ya know, yell at umps. I always got a kick out of the manager cards where they are making like they are yelling.
You never see a manager cupping his hand in an argument. But picture it. A manager in an umps face cupping his hands and yelling. It would be hilarious.

So who started this? The oldest baseball card I could find was the ol' Perfessor himself, Casey Stengel. I could see Casey yelling things, yes. And any manager yelling from a dugout should get a pass.

These guys could have a legit reason to be yelling by the batting cage. 

If it wasn't for Wes this thread would not exist so thank you for that, Mr. Westrum.

For all I know this guys out in a field somewhere>.

Did these people just want to emulate the great Casey? Did they just like to yell? Did they think this was the number one thing that a manager should be doing? Looking busy. Yelling at, I guess his players, because he's not in a game. You never see a manager yell at his players anymore. Cripes, today if you ask a player to pick up the batting practice balls you could lose your job.

Billy Martin was a good yeller, yet he never posed yelling in any on his cards. Well, this one, but it don't count. That's Martin in action, yelling at an ump in a game. He's not posing. He looks like he's pleading.
I've rarely seen a manager yell at a player.

Well, again, Billy Martin. But he would yell at a water cooler if it didn't fill his paper cup.

Billy also could kick with the best of them. I have to admit I was a big Billy Martin fan. He knew how to put on a show.

The king of yell is Chuck Dressen. He yelled everywhere he went.

^He yelled in the same cloths for a year.^

When he could no longer manage in the majors he yelled in French, with two hands!
 He also waved and pointed . He was a busy manager.


From Wikipedia:
Dressen was the manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers during the early fifties. One of his more famous moves on the negative side of things was when, in the ninth inning of the decisive third game of a three game playoff for the pennant at the Polo Grounds, Dressen decided to go to the bullpen,removing Dodger starting pitcher Don Newcombe with a 4–2 lead and two men on base. Dressen summoned Ralph Branca, whose second pitch to Bobby Thomson was hit into the lower left-field stands for a three-run homer, a 5–4 Giants' win, and a National League pennant — Baseball's "Shot Heard ‘Round the World".


Dressen Dodgers dominated the NL for the next two seasons, winning the pennant by margins of 4½ and 13 games. But each season, they came up short against the Yankees in the World Series. Fresh from winning the 1953 pennant with 105 victories, Dressen decided to publicly demand a three-year contract from Walter O’Malley instead of the customary one-year deal the Dodgers then offered their managers. But O'Malley didn't yield. He replaced Dressen with Triple-A Montreal Royals manager Walter Alston — a veteran minor leaguer who was unknown to baseball fans. Alston would go on to sign 23 one-year contracts with O'Malley, while winning seven NL pennants, four World Series, and a berth in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Alston was a pointer.
I was hoping to get a similar shot of the Mets new manager yelling, but he's a pretty calm guy so I'm not going to hold my breath. Here's the 2018 mfc Season Set card #1, Mickey Callaway! Not yelling!

I don't recall ever experiencing such a flawless start for a rookie manager, no less a new Mets manager, in all my days. Callaway had just been spot on with all his decisions so far.
I hope he can continue this excellence.

This post was drafted in August of 2015 but never published. I'm going through old drafts that for some reason or other did not see the light of your monitors. I thought I'd dust this one off and get it up before I go into the Mets 2018 season, which has started out better than I thought it would. Waaaaay better. :)


  1. They also yell in the minors:

    1. Love that clip. Lollygaggin', lolol. Don't hear that much anymore.

  2. Nice post. I sometimes think about collecting old cards with the manager hollering with a hand up to his mouth.

    1. I can't say for sure (because I wrote the bulk of the post 3 years ago), but I think these are all the Topps cards of managers yelling. IIRC I just browsed through THE BIG BOOK OF TOPPS and picked them out. I even tried to photoshop Callaway holding his hand up to his mouth and it came out horrible. Horribly funny now that I think about it.
      If you find any additional manager yelling cards please let me know.

    2. Seems like most are from 1964-66. By the time 1967 came around, I guess Topps realized they looked ridiculous.

  3. Amazing that Earl Weaver managed to avoid being photographed while yelling.